You Tackle Big Things

Your Agency or business is started with the hope that you could make BIG THINGS happen. You have great ideas, clients that want you to serve them, and you are starting to grow!
But, you can't do everything by yourself. The realm of governance has its nuances that are challenging. You have to meet political and public priorities. You need to set the right policies and manage risks. You need to ensure Quality with matured processes. You need to work with large and small businesses to achieve your goals. AZIST assists you meeting these challenges.

We Help You Tackle Big Things

About Us

AZIST INC assists Public and Private sector enterprises to streamline their performance and achieve expanded growth through proper governance integrated with innovative business Strategies and Technologies.

Thought Leaders

AZIST's network of senior professionals have helped companies organize their enterprise functions so that they can be responsive to opportunities and achieving the desired goals. Read white papers and case studies about how our experts have helped others. And check out our blog.


AZIST's services cover all aspects of enterprise governance from Policy and Strategic Planning, to objective capital budgeting, strategies for corporate and business development including getting in contract vehicles, certifications like ISO, Six Sigma and CMMI , teaming, capture and response management and technologies for Enterprise management, Energy initiatives and Healthcare.


AZIST's services help clients achieve top and bottom line growth by helping them achieve efficiencies and develop strategies, technologies, and the supporting governance that ensure scalable, long term growth.

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