CMMI - Certification

CMMI consultancy and appraisal services

CMMI models are tools that help organizations improve their ability to develop and maintain quality products and services.

The CMMI© has evolved from the learning, feedback and experience of software organizations across the world that deployed various models (ISO, CMM©, etc.) for improving their processes.

CMMI© builds on and extends the best practices of the Capability Maturity Model for Software (SW-CMM©), the Systems Engineering Capability Model (SECM), and the Integrated Product Development Capability Maturity Model (IPD-CMM).

CMMI will help Software and Systems Engineering Companies to Study, Define, Implement, Improve and Appraise their internal Processes to result in improvement of the Development Cycle Time, Timely deliveries to Customers, reduction in Schedule, Effort and Cost variances, reduced Defect levels, reduced Rework, improved productivity and profitability

Consulting Services offered are

a. CMMI Overview Training
b. Process Gap Analysis
c. Corrective Action Planning
d. Process Definition
e. Process Definition Review
f. Role Based Training
g. Implementation Review
h. Implementation Support

CMMI Appraisal – SCAMPI    -    Standard CMMI Appraisal Methodology for Process Improvement

a. Official CMMI Training

The members within the Client organization will need to be trained on the details of the entire CMMI Model, its components including each Process Area at all levels through a Training authorized by the SEI, USA. This 3 Day training will be provided by one of the two SEI Authorized CMMI Instructors of AZIST Technologies. The participants of this training will undergo an evaluation test at the end of the 3 days of training and successful participants will be registered with SEI, USA. The successful completion of this training is mandatory for being a part of the ATM during the SCAMPI
The final evaluation of the CMMI Project is carried out during the SCAMPI. The SCAMPI is conducted as both SCAMPI Class B and Class A.

b. Class B Appraisal

The SCAMPI Class B is more of a pre-assessment type of Appraisal and is carried out on selected projects and on selected PAs.

c. SCAMPI Class A Appraisal

This is the final phase of the CMMI Appraisal process and consists of both the Readiness Review and the Final Onsite activities