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AZIST is partnered with world-class companies to find solutions to help reduce global warming and contribute to climate control methodologies.We seek to help organizations, communities and society achieve high energy efficiency, reduce energy dependence, and to foster the growth of alternate and renewable energy generation. To these ends, we are pursuing:

  • Innovationthru energy efficient products for end users, which can become an integral part of the emerging Smart Grid.
  • Low-cost energy efficient products that can operate as Hybrid Appliances running either from DC source like batteries/photo voltaic panels or AC mains, without the need for an intermediate inverter.
  • Distributed power generation through roof top solar/wind power systems and small, independent power generating systems such as Micro hydel or biomass-engine driven power plants.

Solutions For Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

AZIST has partnered with Dalmia Electrodyn Technologies (P) Ltd. (DELTEC) a leaderin India for Embedded Controls For Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Products to bring to the US market innovative solutions for hybrid appliances. The underlying characteristic of all the products is the enormous power & energy savings.

The key features of the solutions include:

• Use of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC (BLDC) motors, which are inherently more efficient
• Use of advanced Sensorless electronic controls using micro-controller for
    o Trapezoidal/1200 control or
    o Sinusoidal/1800 Vector/Field oriented controls
• Energy savings of 40 ~ 60% when compared to existing appliances using single-phase induction motors, allowing appliances to achieve high energy star ratings.
• Operation over a wide range of input supply voltage, either DC or AC
• Ability to achieve, when operating from AC mains,
    o Near unity power factor at the input side
    o Conformance to IEEE 519 for input line current harmonics
• Ability to automatically switch from DC to AC or vice-versa depending on the availability of power of the solar panels.
• Considering the fact that the power rating is reduced by nearly a factor of 2 during running condition, the solar panel power rating is also reduced like wise.
• Eliminating the requirement for a solar inverter for motorized appliances
• For non-motorized appliances, Solar Inverters can be offered with features like:
    o Sinusoidal output voltage
    o Transformer-less design
    o High Efficiency
    o Grid connection (optional)


These products are especially useful in expeditionary environments where environmental control needs to be established but where specific electrical connections may be variable or unreliable:

• Room Air-Conditioners – Unitary (Window) or Split Type
• Refrigerators – Home & Commercial
• Ceiling Fan
• Water pumps – High Speed Submersible type
• Electric Cycle for local transportation needs
• Solar Inverter

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