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AZIST can help you with your Corporate Governance challenges

Many factors go into establishing and maintaining your corporate infrastructure so that it is strong and responsive. AZIST can provide support ranging from coaching your staff through the process of developing corporate infrastructure elements to providing outsource support for select items.

Quality Circle and Certifications

Clients want to be assured that you will do quality work. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd in your field, or obtaining certifications is part of the price of doing business in you domain, AZIST can assist you. AZIST can help you establish a Quality Circle for your enterprise. We provide consulting, training, and assessments for ISO 9001, ISO 27001 (Information Security), ISO 20000 (IT Service Management / ITIL), People CMM, PMP, and Six Sigma. AZIST specializes in leading small and medium companies through successful definition, implementation and assessments of Process Improvements and Quality Certifications in a timely manner, especially when winning work depends upon certification. AZIST consultants have more than 15+ years of experience successfully completing projects across USA, Brazil, Greece, India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines etc. for companies such as Acer, Accenture, HP, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Sony, Verizon and over 40+ Small & Medium Enterprises.

Risk Management

Controlling your risks and being prepared for undesirable situations requires a careful examination of the marketplace, your environment, and the factors that impact the way business is conducted in your field. AZIST's team has helped many organizations clarify, quantify, and manage their risks, helping clients avoid disaster and recognize and seize opportunities that arise.

AZIST can help you with your Corporate Infrastructure challenges (#CorpInfrastructure)

Financial Management

Proper financial management is critical to the success of modern public and private sector organizations. AZIST provides skill and expertise, leveraging strong business experience and proven results. Whether you need help establishing a financial system or need help certifying your system for use in government contracting, AZIST can bring consultants to meet the challenge.

Contracts Management

Do you need help organizing and managing your contract files? Do you know how to develop and/or review a contract with the Federal Government and its Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)? AZIST can help you set up shop, manage the shop, or assist your contracts management staff with particularly challenging situations, training and mentoring them to provide superior service.

Human Capital Planning

Understanding the type people you need is the first challenge in any organization. Finding them is the second challenge. AZIST can help you conduct a needs/skills analysis to determine the proper skills and then develop recruiting strategies to find and fill your positions. We also provide strategic Human Capital planning, ensuring that your organization is providing the proper environment, perquisites, and benefits to attract and keep the caliber of individual you seek.

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