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Our service offering focuses on providing rich services to businesses and also providing access to technologies and expertise that can help you be responsive to your client's needs.

AZIST can help you and your clients tackle Enterprise Technologies and Services

You have work to be done. It might be for within your organization, or it might be in support of your client. Either way, AZIST can provide expertise that can provide exactly what you might need, from consulting support to teams to perform work that is not part of your core competency. Examples of the type services we bring to the table are shown below.

Enterprise Architecture Planning

Whether you have an organization of 10, 1,000 or 10,000, planning for your needs (or a client's needs) in a way that understands the present and scales for the future is critical to cost effectively managing enterprise growth. AZIST consultants can help you document the enterprise in terms of requirement/business case thru tools such as the Zachman Framework, or provide detail that focuses on transitional architectures documented in a variety of tools that track actual and planned assets. We also advise clients on security, service oriented architecture (SOA), and cloud computing impacts on their enterprise.

Program/Project Management

The foundation of all technology implementation is detailed adequate planning. AZIST's consultants have strong program/project management backgrounds focused on delivering results that properly manage schedule, budget, and quality to support organizational objectives. Whether the need is for a temporary project manager, or a team to deliver earned value management (EVM)-based program control, AZIST can either advise yOur Team or augment your effort for success.

Data Analytics

Are you trying to make sense of the volumes of data your organization (or client's organization) has collected? Do you want to get a handle on historical trends so that you can recognize future opportunities? AZIST's expert data consultants can help you develop tools to organize your data and draw from it meaning and lessons to power your business in the future.

Business Process Management (BPM), Reengineering, and Improvement Does your business feel stuck? Perhaps you need to implement and manage repeatable business processes that can be measured and improved with time. AZIST consultants have broad experience evaluating and improving organizational business processes, helping to uncover cultural dynamics that can be impeding effectiveness. Our consultants have helped many organizations understand how to achieve the results they seek, and how to effectively implement appropriate technology tools to support the process.

Case Management

Does your business revolve around fulfilling small projects or do you work on specific cases for clients? Do your clients need case management support and you need a senior leader/mentor to guide yOur Team as it delivers your new solution? AZIST's expert consultants understand the relationship between Case Management andBPM, and can guide you in theselection and implementation of appropriate tools and industry-specific case management methodologies.

Preference Modeling

Is your organization looking to make sense of the intersection between economics and anthropology? Are you trying to influence leaders to make decisions based upon economic and political dimensions? AZIST's Preference Modeling experts can help you adapt PublicChoice Theory to your specific situation so that you can understand the impacts of market dynamics and politics on specific decisions.

Web Content/Portal Management

Do you need to develop a strategy for communicating content to your clients and/or prospects? Do you need to organize complex data so that it can be easily found and accessed by authorized and accredited individuals? AZIST consultants have helped many clients navigate the nuances of content management, whether driven through a portal platform or some other means of automating the delivery of content over the web.

AZIST can help you and your clients tackle in specific Technical Domains


Looking for low cost energy-saving solutions? Looking to provide environmental support solutions in expeditionary, primative,or self-contained environments?

Health Care

AZIST can provide expertise in all facets of life sciences and healthcare. We have experts in genomic/proteomic tools, early stage drug/biologic discovery through later stage development and even clinical and regulatory affairs. We can also bring expertise in diagnostics, medical devices and new tools/technologies.

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