Business Devlopment

Federal Opportunity Mining – Capture Management

Business cycles require that you have a pipeline of qualified prospects in order to win business for your organization. Capture management is the process of identifying, qualifying, pursuing, and closing business. If you are pursuing government business, there is are additional challenges brought about because of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and other statutes at the department/agency level. AZIST consultants have proven track records helping organizations develop and manage winning business capture operations.

Proposal Management

You have targeted, planned, and pursued business from a prospective client. Now they want a proposal that explains your offer. If you simply tell them the elements and features of your solution, you leave it to your prospects to figure out for themselves the benefits your solution brings to the table. AZIST consultants are experts at helping you present your solution so that it is compliant with the request for proposal, and connects your prospect's issues and concerns to the benefits and value of your offer


Doing business with governments often requires developing a team consisting of several partners, either to meet socio-economic goals, or to provide unique qualifications to an otherwise strong team. AZIST consultants have broad experience and an extensive contact base that can help you understand when, how, and with whom you might wish to partner.