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AzistInlicensing/outlicensing Healthcare productsand services

AZIST can provide expertise in all facets of life sciences and healthcare. We have experts in corporate development, funding (private and government), genomic/proteomic tools, early stage drug/biologic discovery through later stage development and even clinical and regulatory affairs. We can also bring expertise in diagnostics, medical devices and new tools/technologies.
We have a global network (around the US, India, China, Russia and Europe) and can rapidly identify synergistic opportunities that make business sense for all parties.

Inlicensing products/services/tools

AZIST can help identify appropriate opportunities for inlicensinglifescience and healthcare products, services, tools or technologies around the globe or on your doorstep. Through careful and thoughtful discussion, we evaluate our customers' needs and then examine potential companies with products at the appropriate stage of development that fit our customer's portfolio.

The process

AZIST performs careful analysis of our customer's needs with respect to the ideal product – including development stage and IP protection, cost analysis of final product/service and potential margins at anticipated sales volume. We also assess our customer's appetite for partnerships, inlicensing for new product development or outright acquisition.
As a part of this process AZIST uses its network of entrepreneurs and investors in the US, China, India, Russia and the Middle East to identify active and sleeper opportunities worldwide. We triage the opportunities based on clear criteria and present a report to the customer on the best fitting products.
We can assist with partnering/license agreements between the entities.
We can further assist with development of new markets for products in this sector through access to our distributor and sales outlet network and by involving our entrepreneurial partners around the globe.

Inlicensing/acquisition example

As an example Our Team assisted with the acquisition of a novel pathogen diagnostic/detection patform by a company with antiviral therapeutics. The detection technology was privatized from a company trading on Nasdaq and will be used to determine the appropriate therapeutic strategy for treating patients with infectious diseases. The detection product was commercialized and provides a steady revenue stream while increasing valuation of the combination products.


Many companies do not realize that they have significant value in potential products that, without rapid migration to the marketplace will never realize any ROI. AZIST can identify these opportunities within a company, identify and plan methods for rapid migration of the IP, product or service to other entities where it may form the basis for a new product or service or may add value to existing products. AZIST can help with product or service identification, bundling of the product or service with products/services from other clients to add value to both and bring both parties together to further discussions and negotiations.

Outlicensing Example

Members of Our Team have strong ties to the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. Through introductions via these channels we were able to negotiate a license between a small biotech company and a multi-national large Pharma partner to evaluate a therapeutic in early stage development. Evaluation of the product in appropriate models will allow a determination of efficacy of the product by the large Pharma without relying solely on data from the smaller company. This will provide a higher confidence level for the Pharma on the scope and efficacy of the product and will allow realistic valuation for the small company upon future negotiations regarding any partnership on development of the product – a win-win for both parties.
We have partners around the globe who can identify regional interest in Asia, Europe and elsewhere for similar opportunities.


Through our network of entrepreneurs in the US, India and SE Asia we can identify suitable places where a product or technology can be developed or produced. We can perform a full cost analysis for you to demonstrate the benefits of low cost yet high quality R&D, manufacturing and/or services outsourcing.
To learn more about how AZIST can help your company grow and prosper through In/out licensing products, services, tools or technologies in the life sciences and healthcare arena please contact us.

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