Team of AZIST Advisors

Team of AZIST Advisors

The key leadership of AZIST are proven professionals with strong government and private sector experience:

Dr Joe Godfrey.

Dr. Godfrey is a nationally known expert in data analytics and modeling behaviors. He is the developer of Cyber Senate, a product that implements the principles of Public Choice Theory. Dr. Godfrey also specializes in data analytics and presenting data in ways that reveal meaning for clients.

Dwayne Baptist.

Mr. Baptist is an expert communicator who specializes in helping organizations win business through the capture and proposal management processes. He helps organizations clarify what they bring to the table so that they can articulate their value to prospective clients in meaningful and winning ways. Mr. Baptist is also a John Maxwell certified Executive Coach, Trainer, and Speaker who can help your organization dramatically improve it's performance thru the implementation of solid leadership principles expressed in ways consistent with your corporate culture. Following service as a U.S. Marine Corps officer, Mr. Baptist had a career as a technology executive providing strategic planning, enterprise architecture, and program management support for U.S. Federal Government clients.

Dr David Evans.

Dr. Evans, has been at the cutting edge of target discovery, biomarker discovery and small molecule therapeutic discovery and development in oncology, CNS and Infectious diseases. He brings tremendous corporate experience having founded or co-founded several biotechnology and instrumentation companies and advised companies in the arena of target discovery, diagnostics and therapeutics. Dr. Evans is a pioneer of target/drug discovery technologies including high throughput gene silencing using RNAi. An inventor, Dr. Evans holds a number of issued and pending patents. He is a regularly invited speaker for international professional conferences and webinars on target/drug discovery.

Dr Ram Ramarathnam.

Dr. Ramarathnam is passionate about sustainable development in all its three aspects: Economic, Social, and Environmental. He has been involved in the development of Green Products for the last 10 years, focused on Embedded Controls for electrical machines leading to Energy conservation & Renewable Energy products. Have worked in this field for the last 40 years, Dr. Ramarthnam had developed many innovative solutions resulting in enormous energy savings for consumers and industry. Having run research, development, and production organizations, he is able to assist a wide variety of organizations seeking to enter or monitor businesses in the energy or manufacturing sectors.

Mathi Arasu.

Mr. Arasu is a global Quality Circle expert who has helped numerous companies complete ISO and CMMI certifications. A qualified trainer, evaluator, and auditor, Mr. Arasu holds certifications in the areas of CMMI, SCRUM, PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 20000. He has also helped clients establish and operate businesses in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Dr Jerry Rosenbaum.

Dr. Rosenbaum has more than 30 years of experience in many of the significant areas of information technology. He has expertise in enterprise architecture; data architecture; data administration; data quality; data modeling; process modeling; business rules; and systems migration, refurbishment and replacement. He has experience implementing and using the Zachman Framework, Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF) and Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF, formerly C4ISR). He has provided senior level consultative services to a wide range of businesses in the commercial, non-profit, state and federal government. Dr. Rosenbaum has solid business and technology skills that allow him to work with all levels of management to identify analysis and provide IT solutions to business problems. He has also mentored many people at all levels of business. He is very active in professional associations.

Chris Beckford.

Mr. Chris Beckford is a proven Information Technology leader and strategist with over 24 years of experiences in numerous types of organizations. His experiences includes service as a Technical Architect, Requirements Manager, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Director of Information Systems and Information Assurance, Director of Information Management, Project Manager, Systems Architect, Chief Architect, Cloud Strategist and Solutions Development professional.He's a Certified Enterprise Architect and adjunct instructor at the FEAC Institute, a certified Project Management Professional, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Administrator

Rad Mylapore.

Mr. Mylapore is a seasoned business veteran with more than 40 years of experience in Corporate management and Marketing. He has established and operated several businesses that serve other businesses, the government, and the public interest. Mr. Mylapore has managed high-profile global operations with emphasis on team building, resource planning, and project management. He is a keen problem solver who understands how to bring his proven network of contacts to resolve challenges quickly and effectively. Results oriented with a strong focus on top and bottom line Mr. Mylapore is recognized as a strategic change agent, delivering improvements in efficiency, quality and profitability.



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