ISO 20000/ ITIL

ISO 20000/ ITIL

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

ISO 20000 – IT Service Management System

All companies in the today's business environment have a great dependency on their internal IT policies, processes and practices so that the internal customers (business users) and end-user requirements are met.

The proactive and detailed planning, smooth and seamless execution of these plans and continual improvement of the internal IT performance is integral for business success.

ITIL is a collection of industry best practices for delivering IT services to the business users and thereby to end customers. These best practices of ITIL help to establish and guide the IT organization to ensure IT service and its availability to the right person, at the right time and in the right form.
AZIST's approach for consulting, training, implementation and assessment for ITIL / ISO 20000 include the following steps:

a. Overview Training

b. Process Gap Analysis

c. Corrective Action Planning

d. Process Definition

e. Role Based Training

f. Implementation Review

g. Implementation

h. Final Evaluation of the ITIL Project is carried out as both Pre-assessment and Final Assessment