SEPG Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Prepare the SEPG Process Improvement Plan

2. Prepare the Measurement Plan

3. Coordinate the monthly SEPG meetings

4. Coordinate and collect the Process improvements from process users and coordinate for the implementation

5. Coordinate to maintain the Process Asset Library with artifacts from the SEPG and the PPQA

6. Facilitate with the Purchase and Training teams for the process implementation

PPQA Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Prepare the Audit Plans for Projects and Departments

2. Prepare the QA activity schedule for the project based on the project schedule prepared by the Project Manager.

3. Facilitate the Project Manager and Project teams in understanding the Process requirements with respect to the process steps, documents to be prepared, metrics to be collected

4. Ensure that technical reviews are completed and tracked to closure on the Estimations, Project Plans, Requirements, Design, Code, Test Plans, Cases and Reports, User Manuals

5. Audit the project Estimates, Plans, Status and Progress reports, Requirements, Design, Code, Test Plans, Test Cases, Review reports, Test reports, User Manuals

6. Report the project Audit non-compliances with respect to the implementation and compliance of the CMMI processes

7. Participate in the Monthly and Phase end assessment meetings end ensure that the Project Monthly or Phase End Assessment reports are prepared and used for the project meetings

8. Collect the project related artifacts, best practices, lessons learnt, Metrics from the closed projects

9. Report / Escalate to the Senior Management on any process related issues that are not supported and implemented by the projects, as agreed during the project planning phase or periodic status review meetings