By C.V. Narasimhan & N. Krishnaswamy

Indian Police Service (Retd.)

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We present here a brief documentary of  our lifetimes, illustrated wherever possible or appropriate with pictures of the persons, places and events, specially those  that were never-failing sources of  laughter. We hope you will enjoy these Snippets we have compiled thus far.....and will contribute to their growth!

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On a personal note:

Our lives finally and firmly intersected, as perhaps they were destined to, on the 15th September, 1948, when we joined the Central Police Training College at Mount Abu, (as the National Police Academy, now at Hyderabad, was then called),  to begin our professional careers in the Indian Police Service. That event launched a life-long friendship, marked by a remarkable identity of  values,  shared interests and co-incident experiences.

Consider the following concidences over our lifetime :

  • Born in 1925, within an interval of 6 months.

  • Born as one of 4 siblings : 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

  • Born when the father in both cases was a teacher.

  • Lost the father while both were still in college.

  • Came close to an intersection, but without direct contact, between 1942 and 1944 for graduate studies in Loyola College, Chennai.

  • Started career as a teacher.

  • Got selected for the IPS in the same All-India competitive examination in 1947; met for the first time for preparations  to go to Mount Abu for training. Our uniforms were stitched by the same tailor, Kleenkut Tailors at Triplicane, and  our other equipment items were from the same shop, United Suppliers Association, in George Town. Later at Mount Abu, our riding boots  were from the same cobbler and our purchase of the same Maxply tennis rackets from the same sports dealer; these rackets  leading us into a violent passion for tennis (or passion for violent tennis).

  • At Mount Abu, our stay together for a year as room-mates cemented the friendship, where we discovered our shared enchantment with the books of  PG Wodehouse, especially his delightful descriptions and play of words. We also shared the same readiness to notice  the comical side of the foibles, doings and sayings of the staff and our batch-mates, which, in later years extended to colleagues and others with whom we came into contact.

  • Passing in later years through close parallel family experiences like building a house for ourselves, bringing up a daughter to be a doctor or sharing the same tastes in food, like a “strong weakness” for Baigan Bartha, or owning the same make of cars.

  • Passing through an almost identical onward career pattern, with similar postings at Sub-division, District, State and Central levels, similar landmark assignments like Member-Secretary of the Police Commissions at State (NK) and Central (CVN) levels respectively, and recognition with the same Presidential awards.

  • And finally, in our advancing years, sharing a generally good  health status with the same occasional setbacks, treated  for the same problems with  the same medicines by the same doctor.

Are these life-long similarities to be described as just concidences or do they suggest the guiding hand of destiny : the Potter making two identical pots to fulfil the same purposes?

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